Our school in Playa del Carmen "Taan Playa del Carmen" opened in 2015 and we are commited to offer high qaulity Spanish courses for foreigners which start every Monday all year round in all levels. We have welcomed hundreds of students from different nationalities in our other locations, including: USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Russia,Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Japan, Israel and many others! Anytime you come to our school you will find a very interesting mixture of nationalities.

We are a different language school. Our school does not have a physycal address in the sense that lessons dont take place at the same classroom everyday. Instead, we teach at selected locations throughout Playa del Carmen to make teaching more interactive. We did this after years of asking what our students wanted and finding out that traditional teaching (classroom and blackboard) is something they can experience anywhere, even in their home country, so why would they fly all the way here? Everything is professionally organized and we follow standards of reference as well. To give you an idea, for the 20 hour per week course, an example of a weekly schedule would be:

  • Monday: We meet at 9,15am at the school meeting point. After taking the placement test, students are placed in different levels. We have grammar and vocabulary/ reading class in a local spot.
  • Tuesday: We have class in a traditional Mayan cave known as cenote.
  • Wednesday: We have normal class in a different local spot by the beach.
  • Thursday: We will have part of the class in a local market, where students will learn about food, ingredients and how to shop themselves, then well move to a shopping centre where they will use part of the vocabulary they have learned to shop (in simulation).
  • Friday: We will have an interactive quiz and learning activity where students will go to different locations in the city and perform different tasks. We will additionally have grammar in a local spot. Students might also work on a presentation for creating a new business and business plan, while being separated in teams.Locations will depend on weather and mobility factors and vary from one classlevel to the other.
Taan, the name of our language school translates into "speak" in Mayan. This is pur motto: Speak Spanish in the land of the Mayan.

Taan Playa del Carmen, divides students in 6 different levels of Spanish. Each Monday, students arrive at 9,15am to the school and take a placement examination which determines their level of Spanish. This test is not necessary for total beginners, the test is short, non stressful and might feature a short interview.

We know there are several options to choose from, thats why we offer a best price guarantee: We are sure you wont find any better price than the one offered in our school for equivalent packages of Spanish lessons or we will match it. We offer lower prices because we only hire Mexican staff, the school is Mexican owned which means we dont have to pay to staff or promotion agencies in foeign countries.

Upon completing a Spanish course, you will receive a certificate. It indicates the total number of hours. We also issue special reports to students who need them for US College credit or German recognition.

Tann Playa del Carmen hires only teachers with a degree in language studies, we dont hire students and we only hire Mexican teachers. You will find representatives of our school in different language events around the world.

The school is located 1 minute walking from the beach in a typical Mexican building, we offer:

  • A different methodology to learn faster.
  • We are the only school focused on total immersion, our students tend to learn much faster
  • Free wifi in our selected spots
  • Spanish lessons for all ages all year round
  • Discounts for many weeks, groups and families
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Different levels of Spanish courses, that match to each students level of Spanish as well as different types of courses according to students needs
  • Complementary Yoga lessos, if possible we do them by the beach (1 minute walk), cooking, dancing lessons or an activity every week.
  • Some afternoons we host a conversation club with informal topics
  • Enjoy your Spanish courses with TAAN and make new friends, and of course, enjoy Paya del Carmen!!