Playa del Carmen Spanish School

WE ARE OPEN! We are interested in teaching our students the highest quality of Spanish while they enjoy this beautiful town.

playa del carmen spanish school

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Our school is named TAAN which is the Mayan word for "speak" .At Tann Spanish, we are interested in teaching our students the highest quality of Spanish while they enjoy this beautiful town. Our language school offers Spanish courses and we are the only 100% Mexican school in Playa.

We are a new Spanish school, which opened in 2015 commited to teach high quality language courses. We offer Spanish courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced, and we receive students from all ages: kids, teenagers and adults from all countries all year round. Our starting dates are every Monday. At the end of each course, students will receive a certificate of course completition.

We are a different language school. Our school does not have a physycal address in the sense that lessons dont take place at the same classroom everyday. Instead, we teach at selected locations throughout Playa del Carmen to make teaching more interactive. We did this after years of asking what our students wanted and finding out that traditional teaching (classroom and blackboard) is something they can experience anywhere, even in their home country, so why would they fly all the way here? Everything is professionally organized and we follow standards of reference as well.

playa del carmen spanish school

Why study at TAAN?

  • We are 100% Mexican owned spanish school. Why study with a Spanish chain (based in spain if you are in Mexico) or a school which is foreign owned and run from another country! This is why we have competitive prices!
  • We have a different methodology because we dont have Spanish lessons in a typical classroom, instead, lessons are held in different spots around Playa del Carmen. We have a methodolgy which is very professional and allows students to learn faster and experience the local culture and immersion.
  • Our class is not held in a classroom, but in Mayan caves, near the beach, in local cafes, art shops, Mayan ruins and different places. where you will learn Spanish in a more practical way, experiencing what the city has to offer.
    • All our teachers hold a degree in languages and we focus on student- teacher bonds.
    • We have a strong cultural programme including yoga lessons and a conversation club. We have a wide variety of tours to offer all year round.
    • We offer a certificate of course completion.
    • We offer very high quality Spanish teaching but we adapt to the atmosphere in playa del carmen, we are one minute walking from the beach, we are the school with the best location.
    • We follow our own programme but we are flexible, if a group wants, for instance to focus in conversation we will adapt to that.
    • High quality Spanish lessons + 1 minute walking from the beach


Tann Spanish School is the only Spanish school in Playa del Carmen run by Mexicans! 100% of our staff is Mexican which means important things to you. Our school is part of a chain of Mexican owned Spaish schools, the most important chain of Spanish schools in Mexico. We newly opened in 2015 in Playa but we already run several Spanish schools in Mexico and we are experts in Spanish teaching offering different types of Spanish courses for all needs and levels.We are the only Spanish school which used this teaching methodology because we have adapted after several years to what students needed and asked for (before 2015 we were one more typical language school).

Our school not only offers Spanish courses in Playa del Carmen, but also accommodation which is optional and a wide range of activities so students can enjoy their stay. Accommodation and activities are optional. We guarantee you will enjoy the best activities with our school which means you will have fun as well as high quality Spanish courses. Learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen!


Welcome to Playa del Carmen, one of the top tourist destinations in Latin America, rated as having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Its an amazing idea to learn Spanish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, while visiting. Enjoy amazing caribbean weather all year round as well as Spanish courses and a full range of activities for your family.