Answers to some of the questions most generally asked by our clients.

Q. How do I register for a course? Do I need housing?

Its very easy to register for a course. You can either book by filling the registration form by clicking the Book botton on the left menu or yu can send us an email with these details: name, nationality, age, type of course, housing if needed and dates.

You dont need to book housing through us, its optional..

Q. How do I reach Playa del Carmen?

To reach Playa del Carmen, please fly to Cancun Airport and from there, take wither the ADO bus or contact us to help you book transport, its a 30-45 minute trip.

Q. I wan to take the DELE exam, which couse should I take?

We recommend a super intensive course in this case.

Q. We are a group of students or I am bringing a group, do you offer discounts?

Absolutely! Please contact us for more information, since it depends on the number of participants. We have welcomed groups for instance from the US before.

Q. Can children study in this school?

Of course! This is a family school, where we welcome all students from all nationalities and ages.

Q. I need a Visa to go to Mexico, will the school help me?

Students who need a Visa should apply after having a tourist Visa. Most nationalities dont need a tourist Visa to visit Mexico, but in case you need one, you need to apply for it before the school. For security reasons we dont provide assistance for Visa purposes.

Q. Is my course eligible for US college credit?

It depends on the number of hours plus there might be extra assignments, please contact us for any questions

Q. What is the maximum number of students per class? Average?

Maximum would be 8 and average 3-4.

Q. Where are your students from? What about their age?

Most of our students come from: US, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Swizerland, Norway, Sweden, France and Australia but we have all nationalities. Average age is very mixed, we have kids, then teenagers and adults too.

Q. Whats on with Yoga lessons do I have to take them?

These lessons are included for free in your package. They are optional, you dont need to take them but we think they are a nice complement to your class.

Q. When to book?

You are suggested to book as soon as you have decided to study, this is both, to block a space in the class and so you get a good accommodation option. Normally students book 1-2 months before the course but many do so weeks before the start date as well.

Q. Many options, why this school?

We changed the business bodel in Playa del Carmen, we are the most popular school because of that. Our students learn faster and perform better in tests and real life situations. We dont teach class in a typical classroom, instead the classroom might be a place by the beach, a local coffee place, a restaurant, Mayan cenotes and ruins, depending on the day.

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