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Cheap Accommodation in Playa del Carmen

As an optional service offered to our students, we offer housing options in Playa del Carmen at affordable prices. The housing alternatives range from rooms in studios and student apartments to accommodation in host families. These options are ideal for different types of students: those who are more independent tend to choose student apartment rooms, while those looking more for interaction with locals tend to look for families


Housing in residence single room or studio


This option is more for independent students who wish to spend their time with other students or on their own. These are studio rooms inside apartments, with bathroom. Some of the facilities which might be shared include: kitchen, tv room, etc.

The rooms include free wifi, and good location, walking distance from the school.

Students should bing their own towel, but linen is provided. We have single and double rooms.

This is a self catering option.

Host Family Accommodation


We recommend this alternative to students who want to visit Playa del Carmen and interact with a local family. Breakfast is provided and lunch/ dinner are optional. The families are located on average 10-15 minutes walking from the school, please note most of Playa del Carmen is walkable. Free wifi will be available and we recommend students to bring their own towel.

Students are allowed to sue the kitchen as well. Please note this is staying with a family which means there are basic rules related to alcohol, bringing guests, etc.

Hotel or Hostel

Please contact us and we can help you find accommodation in hotels or hostels based on your budget.

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